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Exploring Dark Short Fiction #3: A Primer to Nisi Shawl

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Praised by both literary journals and leading fiction magazines, Nisi Shawl is celebrated as an author whose works are lyrical and philosophical, speculative and far-ranging; “ . . . broad in ambition and deep in accomplishment” (The Seattle Times). Besides nearly three decades of creating fantasy and science fiction, fairy tales, and indigenous stories, Nisi has also been lauded as editor, journalist, and proponent of feminism, African-American fiction, and other pedagogical issues of diversity.

Dark Moon Books and editor Eric J. Guignard bring you this introduction to her work, the third in a series of primers exploring modern masters of literary dark short fiction. Herein is a chance to discover—or learn more of—the vibrant voice of Nisi Shawl, as beautifully illustrated by artist Michelle Prebich.

Included within these pages are:

  • Six short stories, one written exclusively for this book
  • Author interview
  • Complete bibliography
  • Academic commentary by Michael Arnzen, PhD (former humanities chair and professor of the year, Seton Hill University)
  • . . . and more!

Enter this doorway to the vast and fantastic: Get to know Nisi Shawl.


Pending Summer, 2018 Release...


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Pending Summer, 2018 Release...



Available in paperback
ISBN-13: 978-0-9989383-4-9

and e-book
ISBN-13: 978-0-9989383-5-6

First edition published Summer, 2018




  “Pending.” —Reviewer  
  “Pending.” —Reviewer  
  “Pending.” —Reviewer  

Nisi Shawl

Author, Kaaron Warren


Nisi Shawl is an African-American writer, editor, and journalist. She is best known as an author of science fiction and fantasy short stories[1] who writes and teaches about how fantastic fiction might reflect real-world diversity of gender, sexual orientation, race, colonialism, physical ability, age, and other sociocultural factors.

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Full Contents Include:

Introduction by Eric J. Guignard
Fiction Stories by Nisi Shawl
   •   The Beads of Ku
   •   Otherwise
   •   Just Between Us
   •   At the Huts of Ajala
   •   Street Worm
   •   Conversion Therapy



About Nisi Shawl (A Biography)
Essay: Why Nisi Shawl Matters
In Conversation with Nisi Shawl
Written On The Water: An Essay by Nisi Shawl
A Bibliography of English Language Fiction for Nisi Shawl
Academic Commentary by Michael Arnzen, PhD
Illustrations by Michelle Prebich

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