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  About Dark Moon Books       Back to Top    

Dark Moon Books is owned and operated by Eric J. Guignard, as of January, 2017.

The company was purchased and rebranded from its previous owner, friend and mentor, Stan Swanson, who originally founded Dark Moon Books in 2011 as a horror imprint of his publishing house, Stony Meadow Publishing.

The current reincarnation of Dark Moon Books promotes dark fiction primarily through multi-author anthologies and single author collections along with an occasional nod to the novel.

Those who wish to reminisce on the old Dark Moon Books website can do so through WayBack Machine here: OLD-darkmoonbooks.com


  Mission and Vision       Back to Top

The mission of Dark Moon Books is to publish unusual and invigorating dark fiction for readers around the world.

Dark Moon Books envisions being a leading voice in publishing dark fiction that is of compelling creativity and impeccable quality. DMB promotes the work of indie and professional authors alike that is

•   Experimental, innovative, or progressive;
•   Enjoyable to read;
•   Serious-minded;
•   A diverse representation of the culturally-rich world we live in.


  Praise       Back to Top

“Eric J. Guignard’s editorial prowess is evident throughout his works.”   Publishers Weekly


Books that are as interesting and thoughtprovoking as they are entertaining.   Black Static Magazine


"Eric J. Guignard is a visionary."   Kaaron Warren, Multiple award-winning and best-selling author of The Grief Hole and Slights


“These are beautiful books, they look amazing and the quality of the production is some of the best by a independent publisher... Editor Eric J. Guignard is doing exciting stuff with Dark Moon Books. He is one of the hardest working folks in the indie horror scene and it is paying off. His name on a book is a mark of quality.   Postcards From a Dying World


  Staff Bios       Back to Top      

Editor-in-Chief: Eric J. Guignard

Eric J. Guignard is a writer and editor of dark and speculative fiction, operating from the shadowy outskirts of Los Angeles. He’s twice won the Bram Stoker Award, won the Shirley Jackson Award, and been a finalist for the World Fantasy Award and International Thriller Writers Award. Outside the glamorous and jet-setting world of indie fiction, he’s a technical writer and college professor.

He publishes the acclaimed series of author primers created to champion modern masters of the dark and macabre, Exploring Dark Short Fiction. He is also publisher and acquisitions editor for the renowned +Horror Library+ anthology series. Additionally he curates the series, Haunted Library of Horror Classics, through SourceBooks with co-editor Leslie S. Klinger.

His latest books are Last Case at a Baggage Auction; Doorways to the Deadeye; and short story collection, That Which Grows Wild (Cemetery Dance).

For more about Eric J. Guignard, visit his author page: www.ericjguignard.com


Eric J. Guignard

Guest Editor: Charlatan Bardot

Professor Charlatan Bardot, PhD, EdD, EJG is a revered excursionist célèbre of the paranormal and author of the phenomenal.

He has travelled the globe investigating preternatural occurrences for over forty years, becoming the most beloved worldwide travel documentarian in the realms of the spectral and incomprehensible.
He is an esteemed professor with multiple academic, legal, and/or honorary degrees relating to metaphysical applications; spirituality; law in the occult; and global culture and influence as it pertains to the afterworld (and to the living).

Named as “The most sophisticated man, in manner and in mind, in the field of International Architectural Paranormal Investigations,” Professor Charlatan Bardot has won awards and accolades in almost every subject and category from accrediting bodies, organizations, and ruling parties of nations around the world. Additionally, he’s a universally recognized and bestselling author (under pseudonyms).

For more about Charlatan Bardot, visit his page at: www.darkmoonbooks.com/charlatan_bardot.html.



Charlatan Bardot


First Reader, Editorial Assistant: Michael Flores

Slush reader, proofer, virtual gopher. By day a Computer Engineer in Phoenix, AZ. By night, still a Computer Engineer. Michael reads and write for technical advice and for science fiction. Follow his misdeeds and near-misses on Twitter at @Michael_Flores1.


Michael Flores


Reader, Proofer, Friend of Writers: Anita P.

Toronto vegan with a love for cats, tea, and books, namely paranormal, horror, fantasy, or heart-palpitating Victorian classics. She/Her.


Anita P.

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