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+Horror Library+ Volume 1

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*Cover art by Groundfrost
Illustration and Design


Since 2006, the +Horror Library+ series of anthologies has been internationally praised as a groundbreaking source of contemporary horror short fiction stories—relevant to the moment and stunning in impact—from leading authors of the macabre and darkly imaginative.
Filled with Fears and Fantasy. Death and Dark Dreams. Monsters and Mayhem. Literary Vision and Wonder. Each volume of the +Horror Library+ series is packed with heart-pounding thrills and creepy contemplations as to what truly lurks among the shadows of the world(s) we live in.

Read Volume 1 in this ongoing anthology series, and then continue with the other volumes.

Shamble no longer through the banal humdrum of normalcy, but ENTER THE HORROR LIBRARY!

Volume 1, Dark Moon Books edition published September, 2021 (first published by Cutting Block Books, May, 2006)

Edited by R.J. Cavender, Dawna Bailey, and Vincent VanAllen

Available in trade paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-949491-27-2

(e-book not available for this volume)


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BN.com/Horror Library 1

Indiebound.com/Horror Library 1

Bookshop.org/Horror Library 1

Goodreads/Horror Library 1

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• Introduction: Foreward and Onward by R.J. Cavender
• “Palo Mayombe in Matamoros” by Boyd E. Harris
• “Oren’s Axe” by Jed Verity
• “Flamenco Amputee” by Paul J. Gitschner
• “Little Black Box” by Eric Stark
• “Lemonhead” by Vincent VanAllen
• “Garces Circle” by CJ Hurtt
• “The Grove” by Michelle Garren Flye
• “One Small Bite” by John Rowlands
• “Momma’s Shadow” by Mark E. Deloy
• “A Hell of a Deal” by Marcus Grimm
• “The Mattress” by John Peters
• “Under the Floorboards” by Cordelia Snow
• “A Sunny Day Turns Dark” by Chris Perridas
• “The Remembering Country” by Kevin Filan
• “Snowbound” by Ian R Derbyshire


• “Helping Hand” by Curt Mahr
• “Dark and Stormy Wishes” by Bailey Hunter
• “One Button Eye” by Jason Robert Beirens
• “Las Brujas del Rio Verde” by M. Louis Dixon
• “The Puppet Show” by Rick J. Brown
• “Surrender” by Vince Churchill
• “Wings with Hot Sauce” by Fran Friel
• “And Mother Makes Five” by John Mantooth
• “Insensitivity” by Sunil Sadanand
• “The Mother” by John Lovero
• “A Violent Descent into Livid Territories” by Esteban Silvani
• “Shadows” by John Rector
• “The Exterminators” by Sara Joan Berniker
• “Skull Farmers” by Matt Samet
• “Scavenger Hunt” by R.J. Cavender

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