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Pop the Clutch

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Welcome to the cool side of the 1950s, where the fast cars and revved-up movie monsters peel out in the night. Where outlaw vixens and jukebox tramps square off with razorblades and lead pipes. Where rockers rock, cool cats strut, and hot rods roar. Where you howl to the moon as the tiki drums pound and the electric guitar shrieks and that spit-and-holler jamboree ain’t gonna stop for a long, long time . . . maybe never.

This is the ’50s where ghost shows still travel the back roads of the south, and rockabilly has a hold on the nation’s youth; where lucky hearts tell the tale, and maybe that fella in the Shriners’ fez ain’t so square after all. Where exist noir detectives of the supernatural, tattoo artists of another kind, Hollywood fix-it men, and a punk kid with grasshopper arms under his chain-studded jacket and an icy stare on his face.

This is the ’50s of Pop the Clutch: Thrilling Tales of Rockabilly, Monsters, and Hot Rod Horror. This is your ticket to the dark side of American kitsch . . . the fun and frightful side!

Created by award-winning editor Eric J. Guignard, and illustrated by artist Steve Chanks, enter for thrills, horror, pulp, rock & roll, and fun!


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  Hardback (with dust jacket) ISBN-13: 978-1-949491-05-0   Edited by Eric J. Guignard  
  Trade Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1-949491-01-2   Illustrated by Steve Chanks  
  ebook ISBN-13: 978-1-949491-02-9   Published by Dark Moon Books  
  Library of Congress Control Number: 2018908254   Number of pages: 346 (about 100,500 words)  
  First edition published in January, 2019   Made in the United States of America  
  Cataloged at ISFDB here      
  * Download the Press Release HERE! *  
  A fitting tribute to the 1950s with this 18-story compendium of hot rods, rock ’n’ roll, and creature features come to life.   Publishers Weekly  
  Badass adventures, with mishaps and mayhem and music.   The Big Thrill Magazine  
  Races the reader along history lane in a Crown Victoria blaring to ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, to realize the happy days—and not so happy days—of punk cars, rockabilly madness, and the blob creatures that crawled out from dark lagoons into the 1950s monster movies.   Aurealis Magazine  

• Introduction by Eric J. Guignard
• The Golden Girls of Fall by Seanan McGuire
• Sea Lords of the Columbia by Weston Ochse
• Tremble by Kasey Lansdale and Joe R. Lansdale
• The Demon of the Track by Gary Phillips
• Outlawed Ink by Jason Starr
• We Might Be Giants by Nancy Holder
• Universal Monster by Duane Swierczynski
• Draggers by David J. Schow
• The Starlite Drive-In by John M. Floyd
• Dr. Morbismo’s InsaniTERRORium Horror Show by Lisa Morton


• Hot Babe by Bill Pronzini
• The Prom Tree by Yvonne Navarro
• I’m with the Band by Steve Perry
• Mystery Train: An Arcane Investigation by Max Allan Collins and Matthew V. Clemens
• Lab Experiment Turf War by Jeff Strand
• The She-Creature by Amelia Beamer
• Fish out of Water by Will Viharo
• I Was a Teenage Shroom Fiend by Brian Hodge
• Illustrations by Steve Chanks

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